labor day round up and a couple fun new sites..

i can not believe it's going to be september and this weekend is our last big weekend at the lake.. then it's time to put the boat away and clean out the trailer and camping weekends begin..this year for labor day we have a house full!! lots of family and friends are coming for the weekend and if you can believe no hotel rooms so we are pulling out the air mattresses and bunking on the couch.. you know what a lot of people means.. there will be bbqs!!

i was asked by this awesome site man crates to create a list of what i think are must haves for any bbq!! below are my suggestions!! besides the recipes i posted a few other must haves for any out door bbq are s'mores made with kahlua dunked marshmallows!! {i'll share that with you next week},  a few dark and stormys {if you haven't had one check back next week they are amazing!!} and most of all family, friends, laughter and love!! i can't wait and i hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend also..

{seriously check out their site it's so cute and any hubby, dad or son would love to get one of their crates!! they are going to cringe when they read i referred to their site and cute.. they fancy themselves a manly site ha ha}

i was also asked by this awesome site thebesty to give a list of my 5 favorite restaurants in my home town.. so go check it out!! and remember

enjoy and get bbq'n!!!


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