tip trick tuesday.. refurbishing my grandpa aka daddybob's desk..

as i am sure you can tell by now i am pretty gung ho for the chalk paint.. the other day jake and i were driving to work {yes we get to carpool while he externs at the federal public defender's office. i am totally loving it} and i saw a dresser on the side of the road and i was like we need to stop i could restore that.. he was like mom keep driving.. stop your obsessed.. no matter i am loving all the projects i do get to do.. today's project was my grandfather aka daddybob's desk.. he had it for several years then my dad had it through out my childhood then my niece jessie had it for awhile then jake.. well it finally made it's way into my garage and i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it..
it's a little worn and dated and that is why i love it!!!

with chalk paint not pre work is needed.. no sanding nothing!!

pete made me at least wipe it down..
see that kaotic mess back there.. that's my work station.. it drives pete bonkers.. but like my kitchen while i work it might be a little kaotic but i always clean up my mess when done and everything is always back in "order"..

i used annie sloan chalk paint "graphite" color for the top.. pete said your not going to be able to use that as a craft/sewing desk the fabric will catch on the top.. ohh how wrong he was.. it's so smooth it's really unbelievable.. no prep work nothing and the top is like silk..
pete told me i should not have painted the top first and started with the underneath then moved onto the legs then lastly the top and i rolled my eyes dismissing the fact he has painted more rooms in our 4 houses over the past 30 years then i could count but whatever.. and DO NOT tell him.. he was so right.. blah.

i painted the base/legs with annie sloan chalk paint in old white ..

and of course i got it on the black top and had to do touch up.. oops damn should have listened to pete.. 

this is with 2 coats of the graphite and 2 coats of the old white.. 

the above is with a coat of the annie sloan clear wax..
the above the final which is a coat of the annie sloan dark wax on only the base not the black part. ascp wax really is amazing..
sorry the picture i took it with my phone late last night..
i have it now in the work out/craft room which last night i just finished going through boxes.. it's not done by a long shot but we are getting close!! lots more storage ideas to come up with, but i am loving the desk in there :)
psst. check back next week i will share with you with some of my great yard sale finds and some other refurbishing projects i have been working on.. nothing is safe in the house.. ha ha
enjoy and get diy'n!!!


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