tip trick tuesday.. refurbished old wooden ladders..

i was able to pick up a couple of ladders for $2.50 each...  i painted one for my backyard in annie sloan chalk paint {ascp} pure white then old white and one for sam in ascp olive {pictures to come}..   
first coat was pure white that had been mixed with water.. a quick light coat..

then a coat of old white that has been mixed with water also.. 

then a coat of clear wax... 

 i was really liking it and not sure i wanted to add a coat of dark wax but i went for it..

I did a coat of dark wax all over it.. 

then i wrapped the side with silk ivy.. {that dark spot is actually just a shadow it's not from paint or anything}

i also wrapped it with small twinkly lights.. it really turned out cute.. took a few hours to paint.. i really like it..
this is sams chair before i put the clear wax and dark wax on it..
i also did a yard sale chair in the olive also .. i am really liking this color..
enjoy and get diy'in!!


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