break'n all the rules scrambled eggs

this recipe is adapted from my brother in law, unlce jimmy's scrambled eggs.. "they" whoever the infamous they are, say your supposed to whip your eggs with cream in a separate bowl and once in your skillet leave them alone.. and well here we do the exact opposite and they come out creamy, fluffy and yummy..

scrambled eggs (serves 2)

4 large eggs
1 slice of american cheese
pat of butter
salt and pepper to taste

melt your butter over medium to low heat add your eggs (if you want to crack them into a separate bowl and add that way it's cool, but don't whip them before adding to the pan) once eggs are in the pan stir with either a fork or whisk, making sure the bottom doesn't stick after about a minute add the cheese in peices i just rip it and toss it in, then keep stirring add a little salt and pepper to taste.. super yummy..


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