might i recommend...

from time to time I will share with you books i am reading or possibly a movie i recently saw and thought good enough to mention.  i have always loved reading.. it's a passion of mine actually.. when I was younger my mother again with the "incentive" paid me to read.. a couple of bucks for a small paperback and up to $5.00 for a novel.  that gave me the incentive but my love of reading kept me hooked.. she stopped paying by the summer before 9th grade when i was reading a book or two a day.  when i was little i read the typical childhood books, snow white, cinderella, etc. then i progressed to the little house on the prairie series, nancy drew, the hardy boys, etc.. then in my preteens/tween phase i read your typical coming of age romance if you will books.. all of the judy blume series.. pretty much anything i could get my hands on and my mom let me read anything as long as i was reading.. then again the summer of 9th grade i found scary/horror books, i loved stephen king, christine, cujo, pet cemetery, etc.. i actually loved his books until in my early 20's when a friend gave me "it" and on the cover was a scary looking clown.. now honestly why would anyone want to write and then ultimately read about a maniac clown? personally i think all clowns are menacing, ever since i was a child i have been afraid of clowns.. don't much like oompa loompas either.. and don't get me started on the wicked witch of the west.. i hated (still not fond of it) the wizard of oz.. come to think of it i just don't like people with painted faces.. because i really don't like the movie "cabaret" with the guy on stage and his white painted face singing "money money money makes the world go around" all the while rubbing his hands together.. it's CREEPY... oops i got a little side tracked we were talking about books.. after my scary/horror phase i pretty much entered the love of all books phase which is where i happily reside, i love romance, funny, murder mystery, etc.. i don't much care for period pieces though and i don't know why..but lately over the last couple of years i enjoy reading cook books.. unlike in years past when a cook book was a bunch of recipes slapped together now they are a good read.. with stories.. right now i am reading diners, drive ins and dives part i and ii.. they are funny, witty, interesting.. everything you would want in a book.. so today's recommendation is diners, drive ins and dives part i and ii you won't be disappointed..


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