Hoppy Easter..

this year we ended up having about 43 in total come and it was so much fun.. we had an egg hunt for the little ones and then an adult hunt for the big kids.. the food was amazing.. and the company even better.  jimmy made perogies, biscuits and gravy.. can you say yum!! pete's mom brought polish sausage.. i made scrambled eggs (or rather pete did i was getting dressed), roasted potatoes, tina potatoes, over night french toast aka bread pudding, lemon squares, apple budnt cake with cream cheese frosting and carrot cake cookeis with cream cheese frosting.. a good time was had by all..

Ollie on a mission with those eggs..

Ollie on the hunt for the perfect egg...

Everyone enjoying the amazing weather..

Uh Oh.. Jake taught Ollie how to use a squirt gun..

Stick em up Jake..

Stevie sorting her loot..

Shell: What did you do last night Jake for your 21st Birthday?  Jake: Well umm let me tell you a little story there kid..

Josh and Jess..

Shell and Sam..

Do I look older?

Hey Dad we match!!

Ollie preparing for the paparazzi when he becomes famous..

Lot's of yummy food..

To darn cute!! :)

yummy overnight french toast aka bread pudding..

daisy biscuits and apple cake..

carrot cake cookies..

time to eat!!

is that an angelic or devlish smile?? hmm..

oops you caught me with my mouth full..

Poppi, Uncle Curtis and Bob (yes we call my mom Bob..)

Grandma Barb with AJ..

all smiles!!

Shell and Ollie.. cousins...


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