greek lemon chicken skewers with tzatziki

well tina and lo turned us onto this organization called bountiful baskets.. you pre-order your basket by tuesday and pick it up the follwing saturday.. but you basically have no idea what fruits and veggies you will get so last week was our first week and we got tons of lemons.. and baby cucumbers.. so tonights meal was created.. i still have alot of lemons so i will be making lemon bars for Easter..  now i used my basic tride and true tzatziki sauce which can be found here.. i was able to use some greek oregano from my garden.. this dish came out light.. filling and yummy..

greek lemon chicken skewers

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 20 minutes
servings: 6


1 bag of chicken tenders
juice from two lemon
zest from one lemon
chopped greek oregano
lemon salt
1/2 cup of olive oil
wooden skewers
tzatziki sauce
sliced cucumbers
sliced radishes
diced tomatoes
feta cheese
nan bread (heated according to package directions)

combine lemon juice, lemon zest, oregano and olive oil in a plastic zip lock bag.. salt and pepper your chicken and then add it to the bag.. close tight and squish the chicken around in the bag so it gets covered completely.. put in the fridge for about an hour before grilling..soak your skewers in water so they don't flare up on the grill..after about an hour thread your chicken tenders on the wooden skewers discard any remaining marinade.. now it's time to heat your grill to medium high heat and add chicken skewers to your grill.. turning about 8-10 minutes into it.  making sure both sides are cooked. remove from heat when chicken is no longer pink (16-20 minutes).. remove from skewer.. add to your nan bread, add sliced cumbers, tomatoes, radishes, feta and tzatziki sauce.. fold like a taco and enjoy.. goes well with a nice greek salad..


  1. Your welcome and we eat alot of chicken in our house :)


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