prom 2011 - vintage hollywood

well sorry i haven't blogged in nearly a week shell's prom took over my life.. last week we ended up eating buffalo wild wings wednesday after the seamstress then on thursday picked up salad after the seamstress.. saturday was prom day and talk about running around and going crazy but it was all worth it and the evening was a huge success.. now the theme was vintage hollywood and shell and i took it to the next level of glam.. we went all out and i think the result was amazing she looked like a movie star.. *proud momma*

 Patrick and Shell April 2, 2011 - Senior Prom

Dean, Patrick, Shell and Jess

Shell was so done with pictures by this point!!

Anti Andi did an awesome job with her hair!!

It was a little windy and her dress tried to do the Marilyn Monroe twirl..


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