sloppy joe's and some truths about blogging..

augh boy is this picture way over exposed :(

well i blew it and meant to post my take my word for it wdnesday and i totally ran out of time yesterday, i will post next week.. so today i am posting a family favorite (well everyone but shell she never liked normal kid food ha) its very easy to make and last night got made at the last minute.. since i work full time i try and always have my meals planned out and jake and sam usually come on wednesdays but since it was the first game of the world series jake wanted to stay home and watch it with his buddies so rather than make the fajita's i am making for them (i always buy double what i buy for just shell, pete and i when jake and sam come over) i defrosted some ground turkey.. chopped up and sauteed onion, bell pepper and garlic.. then threw in the turkey, paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne.. then added tomato paste, brown sugar and chicken broth.. it came out delightful..

now regarding blogging and some truths i have realized.. first off i have said it before i am not a "blogger" per say.. i am merely someone who wants to keep track of food i make, share recipes and ideas with family and friends.. some lucky folks have made blogging a full or part time job and this what they do to literally feed their family and i think that is amazing and lucky if it can happen.. now i enjoy reading and cruising recipes blogs as much as anyone else and i have noticed there are several different types of bloggers.. some like me who just want to share their recipes.. and if the picture turns out yay if not oh well.. some who i have no idea how they have the time and energy to take the step by step photos that they do.. but i am grateful to them and their wonderful blogs some of those recipes have truly come in handy.. but some i have found to be a bit snooty or rather snobby.. everything must be homemade, nothing is pre boxed or from a can or jar (hey i have a full time job and enjoy going places on the weekends and while when i do have the time i love to make certain things from scratch that is not the norm and canned or jarred sauces, soups, etc.. some actually are pretty darn good) and from what i can tell they have perfect houses, husbands, kids, make their own clothes, never make a bad meal and everything is rainbows and skittles, i suppose.. that must be exhausting.. well you won't get that here.. ha ha my house is 90% of the time a disaster.. i make some horrible meals.. like seriously jake or shell will look at me and say what where you thinking, gotta love kids and their honesty.. while i do believe my family is wonderful they are by no means perfect and i wouldn't want them to be.. ya know.. to much pressure.. your probably wondering why am i writing this or you have stopped reading saying well robin has lost it *again* .. the reason is if you ever feel like i think i am the most amazing cook or i start to get to big for my britches or i gush on how wonderful my family is and how amazing my life is.. you have permission to kick me square in the butt and hard!! tell me to get over myself and move on.. so basically i enjoy cooking, always have and writing a blog didn't start that and won't end if i were to stop writing this blog..the blog doesn't define my cooking my cooking defines it... make sense? ok i am done now.. on to the recipe..and i promise this won't be a typical type post nor will i use this forum for my own, sometimes distorted views.. *giggle*

(I think this picture makes the sandwich look like a clam.. he he )

super quick and easy sloppy joes

prep time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 30-45 minutes
servings: 4


1 lb ground turkey (or ground beef)
olive oil
1 small onion, diced
1 small red pepper, diced (any color will do)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 tblsp. smokey paprika
1 tsp. cayenne
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tblsp. of light brown sugar
1 can of tomato paste
1 cup of chicken broth

2 swirls around a medium size pan with olive oil, over medium high heat cook onions.. add salt.. cook for about 3 minutes.. add peppers.. cook another 2 minutes then add garlic.. cook until all the veggies are soft.. approx. another 5 minutes.. add turkey and cook until brown and crumbly.. add paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper.. add brown sugar, tomato paste and chicken broth.. cook until all is incorporated and heated all the way through.. about another 15 minutes.. serve on fresh buns with a slice of onion.. (pete always adds cheese too)


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