tina tomatoes ~n~ eggs

i have known tina for over 20 years.. she and her husband lo were our neighbors in our second house.. we met i believe july 10, 1990.. wow along time.. and over the course of our 20 year friendship she has inspired so many of my recipes.. she has introduced me to spices and things i never knew about.. so i have a few recipes named after her because she inspired them.. they have morphed alot from the original recipe she initially gave me, but nonetheless they originated from something yummy she made and inspired me to duplicate!!  now tina and lo are our buffalo wild wing friday night companions.. our let's load the boat up and go to the lake for a weekend buddies.. and it's fall must be camping season friends.. (yeah we do alot with them ha) a few years ago we went camping at the glamis dunes.. and while we always bring our own food we usually just set it out on a table and everyone picks and eats whatever they want.. (which oddly enough we did as neighbors.. we had a picnic table in our front yards and she would call and say is your dinner ready.. yep.. so is ours meet you out front and we would eat our dinners out front the kids would eat anything they wanted and after dinner we would sit and talk and the kids would play..) ohh yeah back to glamis so anyway she made this breakfast that smelled divine and put my family in ahhh.. she had breakfast meats and tomatoes slowed cook down to a rich thick sauce and eggs and they ate it with toast.. now since then i have been known to to make mine with spicy pork bulk breakfast sausage.. i've made it with bacon and even once with salami.. anyway you do it its wonderful.. today however i did just tomatoes and spices.. and then added eggs.. i served it with a side of heated flour tortillas..

prep time: 5  minutes
cook time:  1 hour
servings:     3 (you could easily make this for 4 just add 2 more eggs)


2 cans of diced garlic and olive oil tomatoes  (it's what i had in the cabinet but whatever you like will work)
olive oil
italian spices
salt and pepper
6 eggs (or 8 if making it for 4)
flour tortillas

take your dutch oven or whatever pot that can go in your oven.. twice around the pan with olive oil open your cans of tomatoes and pour in.. heat to medium low and cook for about a 1/2 an hour.. stirring occasionally.. what your looking for is the liquid to evaporate.. add italian spices.. i did basil, oregano and thyme this time.. salt and pepper let simmer on medium low another 15 or so minutes.. when it starts to get thick and most of the liquid is gone is what your looking for .. heat your oven to 350 degrees (f).. crack your eggs into the tomatoes.. like sunny side up eggs.. then put in the oven for another 15 minutes or so.. you want the white part to be cooked all the way through.. now if you like your eggs cooked a little hard then by all means cook them to your liking.. let sit for about 3-5 minutes (it's super hot) scoop onto your plate take your heated flour tortilla and dig/dip in.. super yummy.. i add crushed red pepper to mine and pete adds tobasco to his.. there are no rules.. :) just enjoy!!


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