happy tuesday!! starting the second week in november i will be doing a feature called under cover.. (why the middle of november? we are going camping at the beach in about a week then after that is my nieces wedding.. so my brain and my free time are occupied until then.. ha) haven't we all received our favorite food magazine in the mail and it's awesome photo on the front and think.. hmm i want to make that, i will make that, mine will look just like that.. well i am going to attempt just that.. i have several cook books and magazines to choose from.. here are just a few..

 (your probably wondering what the heck are they in.. it's an antique ice box.. it was my grandma mommabells.. i use it to store cook books and magazines)

i might have pete pick or shell we will see.. and i am not sure how often i will do it i am going to try for twice a month.. i will tell you my thoughts on how easy the recipe was, if i would change anything.. if i would make it again.. and compare the photo's.. etc.. i am also going to start a feature once a week on tuesdays called tip/trick tuesdays.. i will post either tips or tricks i have learned over the years.. or one from my grandmother's book she made which has awesome hints and advise or maybe a few from all my magazines and books.. so make sure to check back in november!!


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