the most expensive french dip but probably the best!!

this just might be the most expensive steak/french dip sandwich ever .. but it's so worth it... the recipe comes from my grandmother, mommabell, her best friend.. nancy williams.. they met in vegas but both were from texas!! they bonded over their love of the south.. they were both in junior league and this recipe comes from the junior league recipe book.. my mom makes it for "special" occasions.. it's a bit pricey because it calls for a beef tenderloin.. and well they run on the expensive side.. but it works so well for a buffet or if your having a sit down dinner and want to impress this is the recipe for you!! now i have never deviated one little bit from the recipe as written and i suggest you don't either.. it's ahhmazing!! 

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 50 minutes
servings: 4-6 sit down dinner; 10 for a buffet 


1 whole filet strip, (beef tenderloin)
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1 cube beef bouillon
fresh mushrooms, sliced (as many as you wish)
1 cup burgandy wine

skin filet strip, removing all fat.. place filet in a deep sided cookie sheet or jelly roll pan.. ice entire filet with the softened butter.. cook in a preheated 400 degree (f) oven for 30 minutes.  remove from oven and place mushrooms all around meat, then baste with beef bouillon cube that has been dissolved in the wine.. cook an additional 20 minutes EXACTLY no more no less.. let meat rest for 10-12 minutes before slicing..then place sliced meat on a platter and pour mushrooms and pan juices over meat and serve hot.. 

additional serving ideas.. serve cold and sliced on rolls.. remove mushrooms put on the sandwich and reduce the left over sauce and serve as an au jus to your sandwich!! it's so good.. 

for a buffet make 2 or 3 put them in the fridge until just before serving slice them up and put on a platter and serve with different kinds of rolls, cheeses, horseradish and mustards.. :) super yummy..


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