Poppi's 71st B Day Dinner Party.. and I may have gone overboard..

for my dad, aka poppi's b day party this year i made all his favorites.. (he has the same menu every year..) and a few he didn't even know where his favorites until now.. ha.. i may have gone a little overboard.. but we only have this kind of meal once a year and well i had the time so might as well.. it was such a fun night.. and the kids had a good time and i gave my bother a tv challenge, which was to hook up my sling adapter to my dvr.. :) he can't back down from a tv challenge.. i will show you the menu then over the course of the week i will post the recipes!! everything was so yummy.. but sooooooooooo not diet friendly.. luckily we only do this once a year..

to start off the meal we had

 caramelized onion jam crostinis..

 mini caprese skewers

the entree consisted of:

southern fried chicken

buttermilk mashed taters.. (the reason they are kinda yellow is i used yukon gold potatoes, home made butter milk and home made butter.. *yeah that might be where the overboard kinda started*)

buttermilk biscuits.. served with

homemade butter (yes i admit i went over board on this one..)

and for dessert..

gradnmommy's miracle whip cake with

fudge frosting..

poppi remembers grandmommy always served her cake in a casserole dish so that the fudge frosting can form a thick layer on top and not run down the sides..

look at those smiling faces.. poppi's grandkids..

our newest addition.. amelia paige..
last year at poppi's b day party janet announced she was pregnant with this cutie pie..

poppi's boys..

poppi's girls (there is no picture of me i was taking the photo :/ )

janet and amelia ..

love those smiles..

amelia loved her some shelby kisses..

poppi requesting assistance from ollie to blow out his candles

ollie loves the skateboard he asked if he could take it home and sleep with it..

ollie loved the chicken but literally gagged and acted like he was going to throw up when eating the mashed potatoes.. (let me tell you that was NOT the opinion of the rest of us they were yummy) but it was rather funny..




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