pinterst thursday.. little piggie pies..

ok if you are on pinterest you realize sometimes there are thing that are just plain crazy.. and well since i believe we've established awhile ago i am crazy it stands to reason i like to make the kookie things.. take this recipe for example.. i first saw these savory pig bread appetizers here.. and thought ohh those might be cute if i used pie dough instead of bread dough.. filled them with chocolate instead of pizza sauce, etc.. so i set out to make them.. and while they are cute and taste good.. i think they are a little to labor intensive for what i had in mind.. my niece jess is pregnant and we are kicking around the idea of a winnie the pooh party and these could be piglet pies.. but for nearly 40 guests i would have to make probably 120 of these little suckers and good golly that would take forever.. not to mention i lost interest after i made these 4.. ha ha but they are cute and if you did have time they would be cute for a winnie the pooh b-day party or shower..

prep time: 45 minutes
cooking time: approx. 11-13 minutes
servings: 12 little pies

1 pre-made pie crust
i used the new dark chocolate cream cheese by philadelphia cream cheese but nutella would work too.. *disclaimer below* even a few chocolate chips would work
egg wash (1 egg whisked with 1 tbls. water)
chocolate jimmys (used for the snout and eyes)

i used two different size round cooking cutters.. cut out 12 medium round circles.. then cut 18 small round circles..

assemble take one medium round disk.. place a small spoon of your chocolate filling then with your finger run egg white around edge of disk place another disk on top and press down with fingers.. the egg white will work as an adhesive.. then brush entire "face" with egg wash.. breaking 2 small chocolate dots off with your fingers from a jimmy push into where the eyes go.. cut 6 of the small disks into 1/4.. take two and place one on each side of the eyes and make ears.. then take a small disk and put where the nose should go.. with a toothpick make the snout and place a jimmy in each "nostril" then.. then place on a lined baking sheet and when done bake them all in a 350 degree (f) oven for about 7 minutes.. start checking them they are done when slightly brown..

*disclaimer* ok i love chocolate.. like an unhealthy obsession with chocolate..i love everything about it.. there isn't a chocolate i have met i don't like.. except for nutella.. ok i know there are a group of you who are thinking wha?? how crazy.. i know i know.. not sure what it is.. because i love peanut butter too.. and my favorite all time flavor combination is peanut butter and chocolate.. but i simply don't like the taste of nutella.. shell had never ever tasted it until recently and to honest i don't think jake has ever had it.. i never bought it.. blah.. i never got on the nutella bandwagon..


  1. I saw something similar on Pinterest, I'm making mini piggie chicken pot pies!! Yours look delicious!!! I'll post them when they're done!!


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