DIY project.. make your own cake plate.. and a share about my brother!!

so i know i have promised some new features.. which i haven't followed through with yet.. like tips and tricks tuesday.. which will be starting next week.. *smile* and under cover.. where i am going to try and duplicate the cover of a magazine recipe.. not sure when that one will start :/ .. but i will be posting some dyi projects i have in the works.. these cute cake plates/appetizer plates where inspired by... wait for it... pinterest.. but of course.. i first saw them here.. and while the site is in german i beleive it's pretty self explanatory.. i then saw them again here.. and thought i so want to make these.. this past saturday pete and i were at walmart.. and i saw these cute plates and cups in the summer isle and knew they would make cute cake plates.. the plates were a dollar each and the cups i think 67. cents.. can't beat that.. and so simple to make..

supplies needed:

cups.. glass or plastic.. short or tall whatever you desire
plates..again, plastic of glass.. lunch or dinner..
gorilla glue (or as i called it monkey glue.. pete was at lowes i said pick up monkey glue he starts laughing and says you mean gorilla glue.. yeah whatever.. ha)

clean the dishes and get off any stickers.. and however you think looks best cup upside down right side up.. glue.. i put a few books on mine to let set for a few hours and viola.. :)

so you might have read me mention my brother.. curtis.. he is about 3 years older and got married 7 years ago and has a 3 year old and a 6 month old.. love those kids they are so sweet.. well when janet, his wife, was pregnant with ollie she had ordered off the internet wall stickers for the "babies" room.. and when curtis proceeded to put them up he was like no way these are tacky i can do better than this and he proceeded to free hand paint ollies room..

well as you can see it turned out amazing.. who knew he had such talent.. it's so cute.. on the treasure chest you can barely see it but it has ollie's initials.. oqb but when jake saw it he thought it said oob and well for the first year of ollie's life jake called him oob.. ha ha :)

now when they found out they were having a girl curtis set out to make it equally unique and amazing.. and it's simply gorgeous.. so girly.. it's precious!!

it's fairy tale land with little cute critters.. :)

see her fairy princess castle ..

i love the fence..

how cute are these closet doors

i love the bee :) and the lady bug.. actually i love everything about it..


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