stromboli with wine/blue cheese dipping sauce..

if your from vegas there is a very good chance you have had a stromboli from four kegs.. four kegs sports bar.. if you went to unlv there is about a 100% possibility you went there at least once for a meal or beer or both heh :) .. if you watch guy fieri's show diners, drive in and dives there is a good chance you saw the episode about their famous "stromboli".. you see guy went to college at unlv and frequented four kegs as did most unlver's.. actually pete and i would go on friday nights about 2 years after we were married (2 years you ask.. why wait that long?? umm cause i wasn't 21.. ha ha until exactly 2 years after we got married) and well it's a sport's bar.. that had the best, coldest beer in town.. unfortunately the one by unlv closed (they closed the entire strip mall it was in) and now there is only 1 left in town.. i try to go about once a year.. they are the best.. my favorite is the turkey and swiss and pete's is the original.. both equally amazing i believe..

 they also had this wine blue cheese dipping sauce that was out of this world.. totally unique.. up til recently i haven't been able to duplicate it.. but with some effort i believe i've been able to make a comparable sauce.. now of course neither the stromboli or the sauce are anywhere near as great as the original.. but it does fulfill my fix..

turkey and swiss stromboli

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 7 minutes
servings: 2


1 lb pizza dough.. (homemade like the one i made here or store bought)
1/2 lb. store bought sliced turkey deli meat
6 slices swiss cheese (baby alpine is my favorite)
1 egg white with 1 tbls. water whisked together
olive oil
pizza stone

place your pizza stone in a cold oven.. turn up to 500 degrees (f) and allow pizza stone to get hot for 30 minutes.. in the meantime roll out your dough on a floured surface like your making pizza.. approx. a 10 by 8 inch oval.. i brushed a little olive all over the surface.. then down the center in a straight line laid my turkey then topped it with swiss cheese.. i rolled mine jelly roll style.. brush the top with egg whites.. then place on a piece of parchment paper.. (in the picture you will notice i used foil i ran out fo parchment paper) pick up parchment and stromboli and place gently onto pizza stone, about 4 minutes into baking pull out parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. continue baking until lightly brown approx 7 minutes total..  to make the original i brushed pizza sauce on the surface.. laid down the center ham, salami and pepperoni.. sprinkled mozzarella over it all and rolled it up.. then bake the same as the turkey and swiss.

wine blue cheese dipped sauce.. (adapted from here..)

1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
6 oz. fat free greek yogurt
1 tbls. light mayo (you can skip the yogurt and light mayo and use 2 tbls. of regular mayo for a richer creamier sauce)
1 tblsp. lemon juice
1/2 tblsp. red wine vinegar
1/2 tblsp. hearty red wine
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

in a small mixing bowl mix everything together and chill for an hour before serving..


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