take my word for it wednesday.. creamy mushroom risotto is scrumptious..

I am so addicted to risotto now.. it's so easy.. maybe to easy.. but ohh so creamy and tastes decadant.. but it's not.. and since i bought a large bag of aborio rice for this roasted butternut squash risotto i went on the hunt for other risotto recipes and found this one here..and well i did have mushrooms.. it was meant to be.. and ohh my goodness it tasted so good..

creamy mushroom risotto

prep time: 10
cooking time: 1.5 hour
servings: 8


1 shallot, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 lb. fresh porobello and crimini mushrooms, sliced
1 tblsp. butter
salt and pepper
1.5 cups aborio rice
4 cups {approx} low sodium chicken stock
1 package of dried porcini mushrooms, soaked in 2 cups warm water {reserve water your going to add it to your chicken broth}
1/4 cup milk or heavy cream {i used organic skim}
1/2 cup parmesan shavings
finely minced parsley, for garnish {optional}

heat chicken broth and reserved water from porcini mushrooms in a medium sauce pan over low heat.. in a heavy bottom large skillet, i used my iron skillet, add 2 twirls around the pan with olive oil over medium heat, add chopped shallot and garlic and cook for about 3-4 minutes or until translucent..add the arborio rice and stir continuously.. cook for about 1 minute add salt and pepper.. i had my chicken broth mushroom juice in a pot on the burner behind my rice on low heat and using a 1 cup measuring cup began adding my warmed broth 1 cup at a time into the skillet and stirring to combine and as the liquid would be absorbed add another cup of the broth and stir.. continue to do this and stirring gently as the broth absorbs into the rice and the rice becomes tender.. add salt and pepper a few times along the way.. taste the rice after about 5 cups of the broth has been added and absorbed and check the consistency of the rice, it should be tender but with some "bite".. while it's cooking in a small saute pan over medium heat heat butter.. once frothy add "fresh mushrooms" and saute for 3-5 minutes until lightly brown.. season with salt and pepper.. cook another minute and remove from heat and set aside.. now once the risotto is to the consistency you like add your reconstituted mushrooms and fresh mushrooms and stir gently.. add milk or cream and parmesan shavings and stir to combine.. taste and if needed add more salt and pepper .. sprinkle with minced parsley and serve immediately.

enjoy and get cook'n!


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