yorkshire pudding.. breakfast and dinner version..

i am a huge huge cheer's fan.. it's one of my all time favorite shows.. and one my favorite characters was cliff clavin, the under appreciated, hapless loser mail carrier.. one episode cliff explains yorkshire pudding to the cheer's gang here. and i have always remembered his "explanation" now i have since learned it was bogus but that was part of cliff's charm he made crap up and lead you to believe it was fact.. kind of like when i tell shell or jake "well you know i read on the internet... blah blah" and shell calls me out every time.. she says "MOM YOU CAN NOT QUOTE PEREZ HILTON as a legitimate source of facts.. {head hanging in shame} i can't help it.. he wouldn't put anything on his web site that wasn't true right?? right?? helloooooo **tapping on computer screen** right?? well enough with my gullibility.. when i was a kid, well 9th grade, i stayed my friend kathy's house all the time and we made this for breakfast every time!! we would sit with our warm "oven pancake" and smear jam on it and watch american bandstand.. {ok i don't know if we watched american bandstand we probably watched smurfs but hey i have an image to uphold here..} any way when my mom and i would go to lawry's prime rib house {i've mentioned before my fondness for that place} they always served with their prime rib a yorkshire pudding.. theirs were individual so they were more like a pop over, now i could have, i repeat, could have made individual ones, you see my mother in law gave me a pop over pan once.. {very nice of her huh}  and well it was big and bulky and so i moved out to my cabinet in the garage.. if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you have heard me tell my tales of woe about putting things in the garage.. pete donates them!! right out of my cabinet.. {he doesn't anymore because i threatened to clean out the garage one day and donate his crap..} so you guessed it.. he donated my pop over pan.. *sigh* so i had to make one big one.. nevertheless it was yummy and decadent and delicious.

yorkshire pudding

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 12-15 minutes
servings: 1 large iron skillet one :)


1.5 cups of ap flour
1 tsp. salt
3 large beaten eggs {room temp}
1 1/4 cup milk {room temp}
6-8 tblsp. pan drippings {i cooked my garlic crusted prime rib, recipe here,and used the dripping from that amazing roast} or if your making it for breakfast use 6 tblsp. of butter

preheat your oven to 425 degrees {f}... ladle your pan drippings from your roast into a large  iron skillet {or put your butter in a large iron skillet} now add your "drippings/butter" to the oven to get hot ..just a few minutes.. meanwhile make your batter.. sift your flour and salt together.. add your eggs and milk and whisk until thoroughly combined.. add your pepper {don't add pepper if making for breakfast} and quickly incorporate.. remove drippings/butter from oven and pour batter right until the hot drippings/butter.. put in oven and cook for 12-15 minutes until puffy and lightly brown.. remove from oven and serve hot.. when serving for dinner i like to put my meat right on top of it.. when serving for breakfast i like to serve it with raspberry jam.. yummy!!!

enjoy and get cook'n!!!!!


  1. You have given me encouragement to give this a try!! I am so glad you shared this on Manic Monday! @BobbisKozyKtchn

  2. It's so yummy I made a sweet one this weekend.. brought back great memories!!


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