garlic crusted prime rib..

prime rib is my all time favorite meal.. when i was growing up in my tween and teen years for my birthday every year my mother and i would go to california shopping.. we would stay at the beverly hilton.. ohh it was so luxurious and fun to stay there.. once i met andy gibb.. swoon i was about 14 it was a big deal.. (well to me anyway.. i wont tell you that moments before meeting him i had stuck myself in the eye with a needle trying to separate my mascara and that my eye would not stop running or that my cousin andi had just shoved an entire banana in her mouth from his fruit basket and had banana oozing out the side of her mouth.. because then the magic of meeting him is well ruined by that story.. ha ha) anyway we would stay in beverly hills then go to the la garment district and do our shopping.. it was so much fun.. during our trips we always went to a fancy restaurant.. and one of my all time favorites was Lawry's Prime Rib... the menu can be found here.. now growing up in vegas you could get a prime rib dinner at basically any bar or hotel for 5 bucks.. but nothing compares to the prime rib at Lawry's.. (they now have a Lawry's restaurant in vegas but if you can believe i have never been.. still only want to go to the one in beverly hills ha) so whenever a special occasion arises i make prime rib.. and well what better special occasion than Christmas dinner or New Years Eve dinner.. over the years i have made it so many ways.. this time i made a garlic paste and slathered it with that and it was amazing!! i served it with garlic mashed taters, yorkshire pudding and sauteed spinach.. yummm..

Christmas Eve prime rib

prep time: 10 minutes
cooking time: 1 hour 40 minutes
servings: 6

5 lb prime rib roast
10 cloves of garlic
1 tbls. salt
olive oil

crank your oven up to 500 degrees (c) rub olive oil all over the roast.. pepper real good.. then take 10 cloves of garlic and salt and mix in a mini food processor until it becomes a paste.. ice the roast with the paste.. in a shallow casserole dish put your roast in and then put in the oven at 500 for 20 minutes.. after 20 minutes turn down to 325 for one hour and 20 minutes.. (basically your cooking it for 20 minutes a pound) your looking for an internal temperature of 125 for rare and 135 for medium rare (remember it will keep cooking once removed so you want to remove it when its about 10 degrees less than your desired doneness).. remove from oven and tent with foil for 20 minutes.. remove the garlic crust before you slice..


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