did you really say oreo truffles??

shelby had mentioned these one day last week.. she had had them at school they were made by the culinary students.. she said they were wonderful so i googled them friday night and thought ok that is to easy i must be something missing here..i am almost embarrassed how easy it is to make these.. but they are so good and there are endless possibilities on how to decorate them!! you could drizzle red frosting over them you could decorate them to look like snowmen or santa or even an ornament.. you could take different colors and drizzle over for different holidays!! they are so simple to make and so versatile!!


1 package or oreos, crushed 
1 package of cream cheese, room temperature
1 package of white almond bark, vanilla flavored 
holiday sprinkles

crush oreos in your food processor.. add cream cheese and blend.. make into balls place on a lined cookie sheet... put in fridge for about 30 minutes.. right before you take them out of the fridge melt your almond bark according to package directions.. take your truffles out of the fridge and dip in the almond bark.. using a fork to allow the excess almond bark to drip through.. place on a lined baking sheet (use foil, parchment paper or wax paper).. then sprinkle with your holiday sprinkles or whatever your using.. they are awesome!!


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