oreo snowmen..

i did alot of baking this weekend.. above are toffee squares, oreo truffle balls, white chocolate dipped double stuffed oreo snowmen and dark chocolate orange truffles..

first off let me say sometimes things other sites make look so easy for whatever reason are NOT easy for me.. i tried to put the lollipop stick in my cookie like some sites had .. nope didn't work.. my cookies broke.. even the smallest stick and double stuff cookies.. so i ditched that idea now the above cookies i made for my husbands work.. i didn't think they would want snowmen cookiesm (like below).. ha

they are very cute and fun to make.. if your in a hurry hurry just buy the white fudge covered oreos and decorate them.. that would be super simple and fun too.. :)

 this is what I used to decorate my cookies.. several recipes called for using an orange tic tac or candy corn as the nose and i thought that sounded just awful.. so i opted for little colored candies and i picked out the orange ones.. some recipes called for using red licorice whips for the ear muffs that seemed like way to much work... if you google white chocolate dipped oreo snowmen you will get 100 ideas!!  I also found places that sell them for 1.50 each.. that's CRAZY!!

1 package double stuffed oreos
1 package of white almond bark, vanilla flavored
black sparkle gel frosting in the tube
red sparkle gel frosting in the tube
orange sugar candy

melt your almond bark according to package direction.. (i used the microwave) using 2 forks dip each cookie in the almond bark allow the excess coating to drip through the fork.. place on a wax paper covered baking sheet.. the decorate.. using the red it would have been cute to make a hat instead of ear muffs.. be creative.. they are soooooooo good the kids and adults loved them..


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