take my word for it wednesday.. it's been a crazy 2 weeks..

i seem to be apologizing alot for my lack of posts and for that i am sorry.. december has been a little crazy.. my last post was December 1, 2011 and well that night went to hell in a hand basket and the next 2 weeks have been a blur..we had the kids over that night for dinner.. and pete wasn't feeling well complained of back ache and neck ache.. well by 1:30 that night/morning he was in so much pain it was almost unbearable.. but i have a stubborn husband and he wouldn't let me call an ambulance or take him to the er..he just kept saying let me sit in my chair i want to sit in my chair.. (oddly enough that's a preference to him when he is hurting, case in point.. memorial day weekend 1997 he wrecked his motorcycle and all he kept saying was let me sit in my chair but my brother in law wouldn't let him and took him to the er, 3 in fact because the others were either full or closed for the holiday.. wtf.. but anyway he ended up that time with a fractured skull, torn rotator cuff, bit through his tongue clean through you could stick a pencil through it.. ewwww.. but anyway on to this er story) so that morning the pain had now moved to his chest and he was having severe chest pains and could not catch his breath.. i got shell off to school friday morning around 6:15 and said we are going to the emergency room he tried to convince me to wait until our family dr's office opened but that was not happening.. so we get there they admit him and to make an extremely loooooong story short we were living an episode of House for the next 4 days.. bottom line he contracted a virus which caused water to fill up around his heart which then caused his heart to go into a fib.. he had monitors, iv's, cameras in his room, round the clock nurses it was c r a z y!! he is home now and doing good saw the cardio dr yesterday and they want to do some more tests to make sure there will be no long lasting effects.. his poor heart was pretty beat up..  he doesn't have to take heart meds anymore (which really freaked us both out!) and that pesky little virus that caused this whole broo ha ha they believe was legionaries.. the tests came back super high so they had to run it again.. seriously legionaries.. augh.. i tell you crazy..other  than getting tired more easily he is fine.. but what a 2 week whirl wind let me tell you!! now i actually did some cooking.. i haven't had a chance to write the recipes but i will post some photo's of what you can look forward to over the next week or so..

ohh and be sure to check back i will be starting my holiday baking tomorrow.. yummy!!!

since pete was off an entire week he did the shopping for me.. see that ginormous can of sweetened condensed milk.. *eyeroll*

got alot of cuc's in my bountiful basket and decided to make quick refrigerator dill pickles.. so quick in fact i did them last night after i made dinner for pete and i and shell (she of course wanted something different than what I was making so i made her the sandwich below..creamy avocado, tomato, grilled chicken and pesto.. holy cow)

I totally got the idea from pinterest.. someone had pinned this sandwich here..

you put the pesto on the outside and grill it and the oils and what not in the pesto form like a crust.. shell's only complaint was it scratched the roof of her mouth..

for shell's breakfasts I have been making the green monster smoothie that's been making the rounds on pinterest.. (i joined but haven't quite figured out how to put the follow me link or pin link on my site anyone who knows help would be appreciated.. :)

(the picture is a little dark.. but guess what!! it's flippen dark at 5:30 a.m. ha)
original recipe gotten from here.. now she adds blueberry which makes the finished product brown i didn't put blueberries in shell's and it came out a very pretty green color.. it looks weird but it's totally delish..

so be sure to check back tomorrow and the following days to get the above recipes.. and for my holiday baking recipes!! :)


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