pinterest thursday!

so we were having lunch with tina and lo at bww a few weeks back when tina tells me about pinterest.. which is about the neatest thing since sliced bread!! it's a community where you pin things to your boards.. crafting ideas, cooking ideas, baby shower ideas, etc.... i could go on and on.. it's awesome.. so the following 2 recipes are from tina's boards.. she pinned them i follow her i loved the recipes and adapted them to work with my family.. genius.. i think it might be better than facebook.. ackk did i just say that.. :o) either way i love love it..

if you type in green smoothie either on pinterest or google your going to get a 1000 different recipes.. they are all basically the same thing.. and well they taste super yummy..

green monster smoothie

prep time: 10 minutes
servings: 1

1 banana chunked
1/4 cup oj
1/4 diced mango
4-5 strawberries cut in half
i added 4 ice cubes..
2 big hand fulls fresh spinach rinsed and dried

blend until a crazy green color.. here is shell's it's in a to go cup because she takes it with her to school..

(the pictures are dark because it was about 5:30 in the am.. )

(as far as fruit goes you can add more or even change it up, like banana, pineapple and blueberries.. be creative.. from what i read most the recipes all basically start with bananas though.. also freezing your fruit and adding that gives it a nice texture..) what's great about these smoothies you get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies in one delicious drink.. and tina has noticed it curbs her appetite when it comes to lunch.. so it's a win win.. i say sold.. gimmie a green smoothie..

so a few days ago on pinterest like 4 or 5 people pinned this sandwich with avocado, tomato and pesto.. my sis in law even emailed and asked did you see that avocado sandwich on pinterest today.. i first saw it pinned to tina's board then when i checked again later that day i noticed several people had pinned .. very popular sammy!! now sadly i am allergic to avocado.. i love it.. but can't eat it.. so shell got this sandwich.. and i added grilled chicken to hers.. i changed mine up a bit..but i always do.. ohh how about a tomato, mozzarella and pesto then grilled.. that would be scrumptious too.. i could eat that.. yumm.. now the original recipe came from this site here.. the site has one heck of a funky name don't let it fool you it's actually a nice recipe site..

 avocado, tomato, pesto and chicken sammy

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
servings: 1

2 slices of bread, i used french
1/2 ripe avocado, sliced
1 tomato, sliced
1 grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast or thigh.. i took a boneless skinless chicken thigh sprinkled with salt and pepper squeeze of a little lemon on both sides and grilled in my grill pan until done.. or store bought roasted chicken would good too
store bought pesto

i put a little spread of the pesto on one side of the inside of the sandwich too then added tomato, chicken and avocado then topped with the other slice of bread.. on the top piece that's facing you i added a spread of pesto.. heated up my non stick pan to medium and put the sandwich pesto side down.. then on the part that is now facing up i added another spread of pesto.. cook until the pesto starts to get a little brown.. flip and do the same on the other side.. make sure you cook it long enough or it will be soggy.. according to shell it's the "bomb!"


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