take my word for it wednesday.. this is the best cocoa!!

on wednesday i do a segment where you have to take my word for it.. either because i forgot to take the picture or the picture doesn't do the item justice.. or just because.. well last week on friday pete's admin. staff had a pot luck.. my niece works for him so she gave me the heads up.. i sent with him crock pot hot cocoa, marshmallow stir sticks and bacon, potato, egg casserole.. everyone loved it and said it was all wonderful.. i have a few photo's before it left the house that morning so i will share those... but the recipes are stupendous and guess where i got all three!! pinterest! yep you guessed it.. ha.. i love that place..

this recipe inspired from here via pinterest...

crock pot hot cocoa


1 cup heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
8 cups whole milk
3 cups chocolate chips (more if you like it chocolaty)
1 tsp. vanilla

mix all ingredients in your crock pot cook on low for 2-3 hours.. whisk every now and again.. i sent it with chocolate dipped marshmallows, mini marshmallows and peppermint chips..

this idea inspired from here.. via pinterest..


melting chocolate
candy sticks or stir sticks
sprinkles (or crushed candy canes..)

melt chocolate according to package directions, insert candy stick into marshmallows and dip in chocolate then roll in holiday sprinkles..then place on wax paper or parchment paper until the chocolate has hardened..


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