happy father's day... and another bbq..

saturday night we had a bbq to celebrate father's day.. we were up by 5 getting things ready.. the weather was perfect.. not to hot.. barely a breeze.. pete decided to smoke a brisket.. it turned out perfect..

we slow smoked it for 9 hours.. (recipe to follow in another post)

we used hickory to smoke it.

it was truly mouthwatering..
i served

pasta salad and creamy corn and tomato salad with an herb dressing..

i also served..

lighter potato casserole..
amelia was as precious as ever..

jake and ollie were all smiles!!

poppi had to get his amelia time in!!

jake showing ollie the big dipper!!

what an adorable couple they make!!

uh oh patrick said something shell didn't like!!

so of course she had to reply with something equally insulting.. apparently..

finally the insult war was over.. and they were back to smiling..

but then i apparently said something to jake that warranted that ridiculous look.. he he
it was a great bbq!! and all the fathers were happy with their gifts!! :)


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