take my word for it wednesday.. so nice i'm posting it twice.. roasted cream-cheese stuffed mini bell peppers

another update has been posted here

take my word for it these roasted/grilled mini cream cheese stuffed peppers are so nice i'm going to post them twice.. i had posted a few weeks ago these grilled mini peppers, recipe found here.. and there is nothing wrong with that recipe at all!! but i wanted to give you a variation of them.. now this is the only picture i got of the ones i made for father's day bbq.. i hadn't even inteded on taking a photo i took a photo of something else and these babies where off to the side.. but i really wanted to tell you about them again.. this time i cooked them a little differently, i lined a baking sheet with foil and sprayed it with little pam, once i stuffed the peppers i placed them on the baking sheet and sprayed them too with a little pam.. baked at 350 degrees (f) for about 30 minutes, or until they are soft and tender. i served them as appetizers and they went like crazy!! a good variation is to use goat cheese, basil and garlic.. or you could also use the flavored cream cheeses.. 

they aren't very "pretty" cooked in the oven* but they are so good you over look their lack in presentation.. take my word for it.. if you didn't try them before you must try them now..

*(they turn out pretty when cooked on the grill)


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