boating, baby showers and bullets..

we had another busy weekend.. and the title says it all but might be confusing.. you see saturday we went to lake mead and took the boat out on it's maiden voyage this year.. last year at the end of the boating season our power steering went out and because we are the king and queen of procrastinators it just got fixed.. so we took it out with the kids and uncle paul.. it was such a beautiful day but ohh so windy.. if your not familiar with our lovely lake mead it's such a gorgeous place but can be very deadly in a storm.. luckily saturday it wasn't nearly as windy as it can get.. but since it was windy we got to enjoy seeing alot of sail boats, kiteboarders, wind surfers and tons of kayakers.. not sure i would have been kayaking in the wind but there sure was lot of them.. the picture above is of hoover dam and the bridge.. it truly is a beautiful and magnificent site..

see how rough that water was.. it was still fun just a little bumpy

jake gets annoyed with me when I take too many photos of him *smile*... we had a nice lunch out on the water.. i made sub sandwiches and brought pasta salad.. that recipe can be found here.. a little update on that recipe .. i was pouring in my bottled italian dressing and trying to do too many things at one time and more than i wanted came out. but guess what it tasted fanstic!! jake couldn't stop raving about how good it was.. :)

after the lake we went home and got ready for a party at my niece jessi's house.. they kinda tricked uncle paul and uncle pete.. they were told (as was i) that it was going to be a party not a baby shower!!  but when we arrived it was beauifully decorated in baby shower decorations.. that was our first clue...

my nieces grandpa has a friend who carves watermelons and he made these.. how cool are these..

they quickly realized they had been bamboozled.. which they were ok with but drew the line and wouldn't participate in the games.. ha it was a very fun non baby shower!!

 um yes that's me sniffing a diaper.. luckily it only had melted candy bars!! see why they wouldn't play??

i was asked to bring a dessert but since i was on the lake until later in the afternoon i threw something together that was so easy but a huge successs.. i got 2 boxes of brownie mix and mixed them up according to package directions.. then i took a bag of oreo cookies.. crushed them up and added them to the mix.. cooked for about 10 minutes longer than it suggested and turned out perfect.. everyone loved it!!

i had mentioned a bit ago that my nieces theme was pirate.. and remember when my sis in law carey and i threw her her first shower, (you can see those festivities here..)  they had so much fun decorating baby jax room!

 super cute dean painted the ocotopus legs he he

keka and shellbell...

lovely smiles..

everyone had a very good time!! granpa jim jim had a friend knit a baby's cap with sideburns like deans..

it was pretty funny..

there was lots of laughter..

the two proud grandmas!!!

i would say the non baby shower was  big success!!

the next day the plan was the boys and everyone would get up and go shooting at 5:30 a.m. well when that time rolled around the only ones that ended up going where pete, jimmy, dean, jessie and their friend hector.. so there are no pictures of them shooting i was sleeping like a baby.. but i am told they had a good time!!

well our weekend was filled with family, friends and good times.. i hope your weekend was equally as fun!! :)


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