mini caprese skewers - and a garden party/bbq in the mountains..

this weekend was a whirlwind of activities..we spent the day at the lake on saturday... not getting back until late.. sunday we spent the day at my aunt and uncles beautiful "cabin" in the mountains.. calling it a cabin doesn't do it justice.. it's gorgeous.. the time and effort they take to make the grounds beautiful is amazing.. it's like paradise.. and we had amazing food.. savory herb ribs and bbq ribs, brats, homemade baked beans.. i brought macaroni salad, recipe can be found here.., easy antipasta skewers.. recipe here.. and chocolate covered oreos.. it was a very nice weekend spent with family and friends..

my aunt's gardens are amazing she has so many herbs..

a pathway to a little secret garden.. my aunt has little sitting areas and such all over..

her chive blossoms where abundant.. she was going to make chive blossom vinegar.. (which is fill a mason jar with your chive blossoms, add champagne vinegar/white wine vinegar, enough to cover blossoms.. close tightly and keep in a cool dark place for about 2 weeks .. then open remove blossoms and put in the fridge.. great for salad dressings and such..)

shell and her cousin, liz both showed up with bright hair!!

shell got out of school on thursday and by friday she was "bored" so she dyed her hair pink!! well she is studying cosmetology in school.. 

the play area for the kids...they played baseball all day.. they loved it.. sadly ollie was sick so they didn't get to go :*(

now on to an easy simple recipe

with the summer upon us and bbq's galore i thought i would post a very simple easy light appetizer that takes no time at all.. i took about 10 grape/cherry tomatoes and cut them in half.. i thought i bought the mini mozzarella balls but it was like 3 larger ones in the tub so i just cut off a chunk but i wanted to use one mozzarella ball per skewer.. 10 basil leaves torn in half.. and i used white balsamic vinegar and  himalayan salt .. basil leaf, mozzarella, tomato each on a skewer.. then drizzles with balsamic vinegar (or the chive vinegar above would be awesome..) and salt.. chill then serve.. very scrumptious!!


  1. Shell's and her cousin's dyed hair look very good on them! Dying your hair isn’t a bad thing to do when boredom strikes. :P Well, it's my second time to see a leafy barbeque party. Also, mozzarella, & tomato are my favorites, you know!

    Dione Drabble

  2. Funny you should mention it .. because today she is dying it purple and already had blue and pink it.. thankfully she is in cosmo school and it's acceptable ha :)


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