A'Hoy Matey it's A'boy!! Pirate themed baby shower

BEWARE!! it's a long post.. when my niece told me she was pregnant i shouted aunt carey and i want to give you a shower (without even consulting carey of course ha ha.. luckily she did..) and my brain started going into over drive coming up with ideas.. prior to knowing what the sex was going to be it was a toss up between winnie the pooh for a girl and pirate for a boy..  i was sooo convinced it was a girl a planned a winnie the pooh themed shower down to the last detail...from a hand carved sign that said 100 aker woods to a painted one that was going to say thotful spot.. so when i was told it's a boy my first thought was oh crap were screwed i got nothing.. no ideas no inspiration.. boo!! but within a few hours it started to come to me and the ideas started flowing.. and mostly in part due to pinterest!! the shower was this past weekend and other than a breeze every now and again i would say it was pretty darn perfect!! we had about 30+ guest.. and everyone chipped in.. aunt carey, kelley, shell, sam, tina, lo, jake and pete all were working on friday night!! then back again early saturday and it turned out awesome (i know i am 45+ year old women and awesome should NOT be in my vocabulary but seriously it was awesome..) my sis in law janet and amelia dressed as pirates and made the party so much fun!!

pete constructed a "pirate ship" which served as our drink table.. where i served pirates punch which was 1 bottle of oj, 1 bottle of apple juice, 1 bottle of white grape juice, 1 bottle of seltzer water , 3 oranges sliced and 3 limes slices..mixed then chilled.. served in a punch bowl.. i also took disposable muffin tins filled them up with seltzer water and sliced orange and froze it then used that as our "ice cubes".. we also served "grog" which was arnold palmer..  

we filled our ice chest up with ice, water and root beer and the label read..

since it was a baby shower.. no real beer was served.. (well until later ha ha)

the food table turned out nice..

shell went to hobby lobby and bought a chest, jewelry and coins.. pete then beat it with a chain and screw driver then stained it.. it turned out really good!!

we served carrots and celery in individual cups with buttermilk ranch dressing.. and cream cheese filled celery.. i forgot to put the labels out these 2 items oops :(

we had salty sea dawgs.. which basically where little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls.. we had turkey little smokies and regular..

then we had fruit and cheese kabobs.. which we called

we served capt'n jax chicken salad sandwiches on mini croissants and shrimp macaroni salad... along with

buccaneer brushetta..

we took clear glass jars, vases and the like and filled them with black and red candy and placed them around the party..

i dipped oreos in white chocolate and drew pirate faces with tube frosting as a treat for the guests..

the red i used would not set up i even tried to freeze but no luck.. so if they touched each other the red would smear.. next time have to use a different kind of tube frosting..

my nieces step dad makes really cute cakes.. so he brought this little guy over..

it was huge!!

as a little gift for when the guests left we had pirate cup cake wrappers and filled them with hershy nugget candy and chocolate coins and the sign read No Trespassing (a parting treasure).. i thought that as so cute.. my niece kelley came up with it.. :)

one of the best surprises of the entire day was niece amelia's pirate costume.. isn't she the cutest thing ever!!

my niece scored in the presents department..

amelia looked like an accessory to shell's outfit they were so cute together..

janet's costume was amazing..

she even had a gold tooth.. ha ha

these are four of my favorite girls!! shell, amelia, kell and jess..

shell giving baby jax a little rub..

soo pretty.. shell and sam..

 such pretty smiles!!

the sun was so bright and we had white table clothes shell said it was hard to keep her eyes from watering.. ha

the momma to be with her momma!!

the two great grandmas!

smiles all around!!

it was a wonderful beautiful day and we all had a very fun time!!


  1. Loved this article about baby shower DIY party. All these photos are so fun and enjoyable. There was a family baby shower party at some local LA venues and we totally enjoyed this day. We had brilliant time with cousins and close friends.


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