how to make homemade butter.. it's easy!! trust me..

in the "i think i've gone to far" chapter of my life.. i made homemade butter and i totally blame pinterest!! i saw this post here.. and thought ok that is so easy.. why don't i make homemade's actually kind of fun too  ..  from what i can tell it's not cheaper to make it from home and it's not "better" for you.. it's just fun!!  the site mentioned above has way better instructions and step by step photos!! i suggest checking out her site as well.. below is just generic picture tutorial on how easy it actually is.. you will need 6 cups heavy cream and salt to taste (i didn't use any i made unsalted butter)

pour your cream in your electric mixer.. (i just got mine for christmas which is probably why i made butter because it's all sooooooooo new to me still ha ha) i suppose you could make it if you didn't have one and use a hand mixer if you wanted, not sure it would be as fun ..i stopped the mixer to take photos but you don't have to do that just set it to a medium speed like 5-7 and let it rip..

as you beat the cream becomes thicker.. isn't it pretty like traditional whipped cream..

don't you want to just stick your finger in there and eat it.. now your getting somewhere stiff peaks..

keep beating.. the lovely smooth whipped cream we had will start to break down..

it will start to turn a pale yellow and get kinda curdly

when the contents start to spit at you that's a good sign that your done.. it means the butter has separated from the solids..  

set a mesh strainer over a bowl and pour your butter and buttermilk through the strainer..

 mush down with a spatula to make sure you get all separated..

eventually you will end up with a bowl of buttermilk.. (i had already poured all my buttermilk, i got about 2 cups worth, into a measuring cup and made buttermilk biscuits.. recipe found here.. )

i removed my butter and put it in plastic wrap and shaped it into a stick of butter.. keep your butter in the fridge and it will last about 2 weeks.. 

then put in your butter dish and serve.. ohh and have photo's of your son as a backdrop.. ha ha


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