take my word for it wednesday.. super easy appetizer..antipasto skewers

i was cruising pinterest the other day.. ohh who am i kidding i cruise pinterest everyday!! but i saw these cute appetizers here.. i didn't even go the site and read the recipe the picture alone told me all i needed to know.. which was they looked easy and they looked yummy.. they turned out to be both! these will now be my go to appetizers for bbq's and potlucks! i had been to smith's the week before and they have this "olive bar" and i went a little crazy i got three different kinds of olives and artichoke hearts.. when they rang up all that i had picked out it came to just under $15.00.. ON OLIVES!! so i gulped and left the store and thought ok i have to make something amazing with these things and let me tell you this appetizer did just that!! now i don't recommend you go buy $15.00 worth of olives.. jarred or canned would do just peachy.. but if you find yourself in a situation where you have million dollar olives just know this little recipe will make them shine!!

prep time: 30 minutes
servings: 30 skewers

1 9oz. package of cheese tortellini (i used buitoni), cooked to package directions
30 or so olives (i had three different kinds.. blue cheese stuffed, red pepper stuffed and almond stuffed)
30 slices of salami
30 slices of deli pepperoni (it's larger than the normal kind)
1-2 jars of marinated artichoke hearts (reserve the oil they're packed in)
30 small skewers (what's kind of funny my mother in law was a caterer and she gave me a box of 1000 skewers ohh about 16 years ago.. i am still using them ha ha)

once your tortellini is cooked and drained rinse them with cold water.. and either return to your same pot you cooked them in or in a bowl.. i then just poured the oil from the artichoke hearts over the pasta and tossed them around a bit.. (careful not to break any) then i skewered everything.. i took a slice of salami, then a tortellini, artichoke heart, pepperoni and then olive.. or you can do it in any order you want.. i placed them on my serving tray covered with plastic wrap and kept in the fridge for a few hours before serving!! simple.. elegant.. tasty.. three of my favorite things..


  1. Robin this is a terrific idea!! Going to be saving this one!! Thanks for sharing it on my linky party!

  2. it's so simple and got rave reviews at the last family get together.. :) thanks for inviting me..super fun!! :)


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