hippie roll revisited..

remember back when i was whining and complaining about having to spend money on getting our air conditioning replaced in my house.. blah i still have bitter memories of that.. but anyway i ended up making one of my all time favorite sandwiches from when pete and i were first married and on a strict budget that weekend.. the hippie roll.. recipe here....i had said when i make it again i will post a better picture.. i had over cooked it the last time.. but this time i didn't and it was sooooooooooo good.. isn't its funny how you can be doing something and it sparks a long ago memory.. well to be honest i hadn't thought about these babies again since i made them last time... even though i love them i forget about them :( .. well we bought shell a dirt bike.. (another one actually.. you see she has had several and quads too she gets them rides them for a few months and looses interest or nearly wrecks and gets scared and looses interest so pete gets fed up and sells them.. but then usually a year later or so she starts talking about riding again.. so we are are the stage where she wants to ride again..) any way she got a bike and pete and i took her out riding.. to get reacquainted with it because its' actually been awhile since she has ridden.. well while out there i ask about the boy we bought the bike from what did he get.. and shell replied a jet ski.. and i said what kind and she said a stand up kind.. which immediately took me back to about 1987 when we had a stand up jet ski (we know have 2 sit down jet ski's cause umm i have no upper body strength to stand up one now.. sheesh i am to old.. ha) anyway back to when we had a stand up.. which then sparked a memory of wrecking on my jet ski.. boo it was not good.. when my brother and sis in law lived in laughlin we would trailer down our jet ski and ride on the weekends... well this one weekend carey and i were riding when i wrecked.. a jet ski is designed when you wreck to then circle in one spot so it doesn't get to far away from you.. so when i came up out of the water the jet ski was right there and hit me in the head i pushed my hand up to block it and it got sucked up in the impeller and kinda chewed my finger up.. so we all pile in the truck to go to the bullhead city emergency room.. which i recommend not doing.. this place was scary... so the doctor is stitching up my hand and i asked (which seemed to me to be a legitimate question) "will there be much scaring" and his reply "who cares..are you a palmolive model?" hmm ok that was rude but anyway.. then when he was done with the finger he sets to release me and i ask (again thinking legitimate question) "what about my head" to which he replies "the only thing i can recommend for your head is a good psychiatrist.." yeah pete laughed.. the butthead.. but the doctor wasn't kidding he had no intention of checking out my head. which by the way i still have a dent in my forehead because of it.. so then when we were leaving.. yes it gets weirder.. this little old man is shuffling out towards the entrance and stops at the front desk and asks the nurse "can you call me a taxi" so she stops typing, lifts up her reading glassed and says straight faced "OK your a taxi.." puts her glasses back on her nose and goes back to typing.. strange little town i tell ya.. so the next day pete and i drive back home to las vegas.. and when we get home i realize i can't cook, i can't clean (not to worried about that ha) can't shower, can't do my hair.. accckkkk total panic sets in and i started to get upset.. pete in an attempt to make me feel better ordered us hippie rolls for dinner that night..(and yes i remember it well) then when i went to eat mine i broke down crying :*( because i couldn't cut it or pick it up.. yeah i was having a pitty party, table for 1 that night.. anyway i quickly got over it and ate my hippie roll.. yumm.. ok did you get all that?? bike, chat, jet ski, wreck, dinner, hippie roll.. that's pretty much how my mind works!! so i decided to make them agian and they turned out just as wonderful as i remember.. this time i didn't go as traditional as i did before... i know i know i'ma rebel.. as my dad fondly would say.. a rebel without a clue..

prep time: 15 minutes
cook time: 40 minutes
servings: 4


1 lb. pre-made pizza dough or your favorite dough like mine here...
1 package of italian sausage, diced (i used hot this time)
1 onions, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped (i used red this time)
olive oil
very little mozzarella

heat your oven to 500 with your pizza stone in the oven.. for about 30 minutes.. then over a medium high heat and using a medium saute pan use two swirls around the pan of olive oil.. swirl to coat.. add your peppers and onions.. toss in some salt.. cook until tender.. lower heat.. in another pan or the same (up to you) cook your diced up sausage until no longer pink.. take your pizza dough cut in half and over a floured cutting board roll out into an oblong.. brush with olive oil, split the sausage, peppers and onions among the two rolled out pieces of dough.. sprinkle with a little cheese and fold over like a burrito.. brush the top with a little olive oil.. slide 1 hippie roll on to a piece of parchment paper or foil.. pick up parchment and hippie roll and slide gently onto hot pizza stone, then about 2 minutes into baking pull out the parchment paper (it might catch fire if you don't).. continue baking until lightly brown  and crispy.. about 6-7 minutes total.. remove from oven let rest for about 3-5 minutes then slice and enjoy!!


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