heart shaped cinnamon rolls

so i was cruising pinterest.. (yes again don't judge me i can't help it.. he he ) when i saw a picture of a heart shaped cinnamon roll.. well when i went to click for the recipe it said uploaded by user.. so sadly no recipe.. but i knew i could figure it out.. now the first time i tried to make these i bought pillsbury cinnamon rolls.. and guess what you can't use them!! they don't roll out properly for these.. so i bought generic wal mart brand and it was perfect.. also their frosting isn't in the little container it's a bag so you can snip the end off and have total control of where your frosting goes.. these little suckers are just cute.. good for valentines day or when you want that someone special to know they are loved.. i can't wait to make them for the little ones!! because the big kids loved them!! they would also be perfect for a mother's day brunch!!

don't they look yummy in the oven?

 this was before i got the frosting on it.. there are no pictures with frosting they got gobbled up..

<3 shaped cinnamon rolls

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 8-10 minutes
8 rolls


1 can of prepared cinnamon rolls

pop open your can of prepared roll.. unroll 1 cinnamon roll.. roll out and then shape into a heart.. continue with all rolls.. bake according to package directions. mine said 8-10 minutes.. then frost and serve.. they would be really cute for so many occasions.. i am thinking easter brunch next year!!


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