take my word for it wednesday.. vacations are ahhhmmaazing!!

many many months ago we starting planning a trip to san diego for memorial day.. now over the course of 6 -7 months the trip changed several times.. due to conflicts with someones schedule, etc.. what ended up happening is we drove with tina and lo in their car.. no kids were able to make it and we hooked up with paul and carey on sunday for lunch!! we had so much fun.. the weather was beautiful.. sunny.. a little breezy at times making it cool when needed.. we left vegas at 2:17 p.m. (yes i checked) and arrived in SD around 7:45 p.m. we would have gotten there sooner but friday night traffic was a bear.. now if you know me, if i am anything i am prepared.. i spent several nights researching local restaurants... downloading and printing menus.. maps.. etc.. so we would have an idea of what we wanted to do and where we wanted to eat.. well when we arrived in sd pete declares let's have sushi.. i was like wha??????? i didn't research sushi i don't have any menues.. i don't have any maps.. i have to askk... why oh why sushi.. so i quickly google sushi in the point loma area.. a few pop up but of course i have no idea how to get to any of them.. LIGHTBULB.. dohhh we all have gps' on our phone.. lo calls a buddy who lives in sd and he suggests sushiya.. i google it... read the reviews and get the address.. we stick in the address to the gps and within minutes arrive at our destination, we drive around it's a pretty busy parking lot but find a spot right up front.. score.. we put our name in it's only a 15 minute wait.. this is perfect.. we were all starving no one had eaten lunch and the honey roasted nuts, salami and cheese were not working for us any longer.. well 45 minutes later.. and after i declared to pete i thought i was withering away we were seated.. the food was very good..  after dinner tina and lo take us to our condo and they go to theirs.. (we were staying at my parents place..) the next morning we get up.. head over to ocean beach.. again find a parking spot right up front.. we decide to eat at a place called shades ocean front bistro...tina and i order bloody mary's.. very good but ohh so spicy.. pete orders calamari and eggs.. hmm that's interesting and i order chiquillas and eggs.. ohh emm gee.. it was so good.. a little spicy.. the eggs were cooked perfect..

i have found my new favorite breakfast.. after breakfast we head over to the swap meet.. i picked up about 15 old silver spoons i am going to make herb tags with.. i can't wait.. we left the swap meet got lost and ended up old town.. and thought well ok let's stay..again a great parking spot!! first thing we spot are these hats..

tina and lo are big giants fans and they are going to a game next month.. apparently there is a player they call the panda bear and one called the giraffe.. so they bought these cute hats for their daughters (or maybe lo) to wear to the game.. we walk about 10 feet and find a cute little bar outside.. order a beer and people watch.. we then walk around a bit.. find another outside bar.. order a beer and people watch.. again walk around and shop and what do you now we end up in front of a very fun looking restaurant called rockin baja.. we go in order appetizers and you guessed it a beer... pete and i had lobster bites.. they are sooo good.. they also had a salsa bar and tina and lo got ahi poke which they really enjoyed!! we then left there and drove down to ocean beach.. we ended up at a place called south beach bar and grill.. where we immediately ordered

wha?? we were parched!! tina, lo and pete all ordered fish tacos..

they all agreed the best fish tacos they have ever had.. tina got wahoo and mahi mahi and pete got shark...

i ordered a steamer bucket of clams and mussels and oysters rockefeller.. it was all very very good!! (for those wondering lo was our designated driver)..

we walked around a bit stopped in at nick's at the pier and had a night cap and headed home..

the boys got up around 4:00 a.m. and went down the marina and got in a 1/2 day fishing excursion and tina and i headed down to ocean beach again.. we ended up this time at two towers cafe right on the water.. we started our morning with

a bloody mary for tina and a mimosa for me.. we then ordered breakfast burritos and if you ask them nicely they will serve them with suasage gravy.. yes it was as good as it sounds!! after breakfast we hit up some shops got some really cute things for the kids.. met paul and carey for lunch at nati's mexican cantina.. the guys were done fishing by then.. they caught about 10 and were able to meet us there too.. we had a nice lunch and visit with paul, carey and my neice kelley and her boyfriend.. the guys were tired we headed back to our respective condo's for a nap and to re-energize.. dinner was at seaport village at habor house.. where we had a wonderful view.. i had lobster bisque.. my fav and lo and pete had she crab bisque.. very good dinner.. tad on the expensive side for the portion size but let's face it your paying for the view.. location location location.. we shopped a bit.. called it an early night and headed back to our condos..sadly we got up and left the next day.. but not before pete and i headed down to, once again, ocean beach and had breakfast at newbreak cafe.. love this little place.. a spectacular vacation..


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