easy delicious brunch potatoes aka home fries..

the other morning i was cleaning the living room and pete made an early run to home depot for some supplies for our spring projects.. i love when the weather starts getting nice all the honey do's get done.. well not all and not get done but at least he starts them and that's all i can ask for.. while i was folding "brunch with bobby" {flay} came on the cooking channel and the rosemary home fries he was making looked so good and i instantly had to make them.. as in right then.. i stopped cleaning and made them.. well not exactly his recipe exactly but very similar.. and they were so good.. so simple.. so flavorful.. i served them with my philly cheese steak frittata and it was a very well rounded yet easy meal.. and made for a great sunday morning/afternoon meal..

brunch potatoes

prep time: 30 minutes
cooking time: 1.5 hours
servings: 4


2 slices of bacon, cut into lardons
3 large russet potatoes, cooked in salt water until tender, cooled and cubed
garlic olive oil {my recipe for easy garlic confit and oil can be found here}
salt and pepper
flat leaf parsley
pinch of crushed red pepper

in a large iron skillet over medium heat cook your bacon until golden brown and slightly crisp.. with a slotted spoon remove to a paper towel lined plate and set aside.. add a swirl around the pan of your garlic olive oil and add the {pre cooked potatoes} in one layer to the pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper..cook potatoes and press firmly with a spatula.. leave alone and cook until the one side is golden brown and slightly crusty.. about 15 minuues.. then turn the potatoes over and again press firmly down with a spatula and drizzle a little more garlic olive oil.. cook another 15 minutes or so... add parlsey and red pepper flakes and add the bacon bacon and stir.. and once incorporated serve immediately..

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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