the yummiest cinnamon toast ever..

your probably thinking to yourself why in the world is she posting a recipe on cinnamon toast.. i can actually say i have been thinking about it for some time and then my mom and i got to talking about it.. you see a lot of people do it wrong.. ok maybe not wrong but not right.. ok ok.. not wrong just not the way i was raised to make it.. i learned from my mother and she learned from hers... i then taught my kids.. or so i thought.. one time when shelby was in grade school she made herself some cinnamon toast and she made it all wrong and i said who taught you that.. she said that's how so in so's mom does it.. i was shocked.. i was appalled.. i said that is not the right way that is wrong.. she toasted her bread, then buttered it then put cinnamon sugar on her bread..bleak.. i was like you can never stay at her house again.. ok it didn't go like that but i was like honey mommy doesn't make it like that here let me help you.. {open trash.. toss in her toast she just made} you go watch tv i will bring you your cinnamon toast.. as she scampered away looking at me like woah dude who cares how i make it.. i thought back to when my mom taught me..  this is one of my of all my time favorite childhood recipes and memories.. i loveeeeeeee cinnamon toast and i love it cooked like this..

you butter your bread with softened butter..

you sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.. that little football guy was pete's grandma's and he has been around for about 45 years.. {i mix up my cinnamon and sugar and it stays in that little guy}

for more ummmmpf after sprinkling the mixed cinnamon and sugar and i then sprinkled a little more sugar and cinnamon..

i patiently watched it cook in the toaster oven on broil..

the sugar and cinnamon caramelizes and makes a hard crunchy top.. and the bottom remains uncooked and soft and squishy and amazing...

cinnamon toast

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 5 minutes
servings: 2


4 slices of bread {white is the best but wheat will do.. i had to use sour dough.. still good}
butter, room temperature


pre heat your oven or toaster oven to broil.. put your bread on a baking sheet or if cooking in the toaster oven the little sheet it comes with...slather the softened butter on your bread.. sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.. {either mixed, one at a time or both *like me*} stick in the oven and watch it broil.. keep an eye on it or it will burn.. once the top is lightly golden brown and starting to darken, remove from oven and serve with a big glass of oj, an extra special hug and then settle in for an episode or 12 of spongebob squarepants.. you won't regret it i guarantee..

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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