super easy bunny bait..

this is so easy and was a big hit last year at easter.. for the next week i will try and give you easter ideas and what nots.. easter is one of my favorite family holidays.. growing up my mom always hid our eggs in a "treasure hunt" type way.. the first egg had the clue to the next egg and so on and so forth and then the final egg had money! ya i absolutely loved it.. my kids not so much they didn't get into that :/ {probably cause i did it wrong ha} as a matter of fact that is how my brother asked his now wife to marry him.. easter of 2004 he did a easter egg treasure hunt and in the final egg was the engage ring.. how romantic is that!! easter is my holiday.. the past 5 years its been at my house and i love going all out, not to mention it gets our butts in gear and we get so many projects done.. and i love hiding eggs for the kids and making them special easter baskets for each one.. its a fun holiday the entire family and friends get together and enjoy good food!!

bunny bait

1 cup pretzel sticks
1 bag popped kettle corn popcorn
yellow or white melting candy {about 1/2 the bag} *in a pinch i've even melted white chocolate chips*
1/2 a bag of holiday peanut m n m's
1 cup of chex cereal
various easter sprinkles


spread pretzels, popcorn and chex on an foil covered bakinig sheet and drizzle melted yellow candy over the mixture.. gently stir to coat evenly.. toss in some sprinkles but don’t stir..let harden on your baking sheet add mnm's then kinda bread apart and serve in decorative bowls... my cousin danny couldn't get enough of it he said it was like pastel crack.. ha ha :)

enjoy and get cook'n!!


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