take my word for it wednesday these are just a few of my favorite brunch recipes.. behold my easter round up..

it's wednesday and this is when i ask you to take my word for it.. i decided to share with you some of my favorite brunch recipes since easter is only a few days away maybe some of these will help with planning your family brunch.. several of them will be making an appearance on my easter table this year.. happy hump day!!

  my first ever food post.. uncle jimmy's scrambled eggs

my new favorite potatoes.. brunch potatoes

 this is so sinful yet ohh so good.. my dad's favorite overnight french toast

 this is super easy and super tasty.. try my easy lemon monkey bread

how cute are these.. heart shaped cinnamon rolls

the yummiest carrot ever and the pineapple flowers oh so cool..
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and dried pineapple flowers

these little guys where fun to make and so adorable.. oreo easter chicks

yummy looking back at this post i think i might have to make them again they were so good..
carrot cake sandwich cookies

sooooooo easy..  key lime scones with a lemon~lime glaze

might be my favorite non chocolate dessert i've ever made.. heavenly lemon bars
sooo good.. i loved the lemony syrup.. lightened up baked french toast
my favorite sandwich of all time.. monte cristo sandwich
these really pack a wallop.. they're spicy from the jalapeno.. sweet from the corn.. soo good..
such a great surprise i had never had one before and now i love them.. croque madame sandwich
last but not least.. this super easy bunny bait
i hope your able to use some of these this year.. and remember to enjoy and get cook'n!!


  1. I'm getting hungry already!!! Looks so YUMMY but it tastes even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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