take my word for it wednesday.. spring has sprung.. and these oreo cookie pops are so easy

I have a confession to make.. these are not what i intended on making when i started out.. i made these back in september for amelia's 1st birthday party.. and i had grand plans..
her party was lady bug themed.. i planned on making lady bug cookie pops, but i couldn't find any red melting candy so i bought cake frosting dye.. well that didn't work.. so i switched them up and ended making flowers at the last minute.. i was literally putting the candies on minutes before we had to leave.. but if i do say so myself they turned out rather cute.. now the day turned out to be rather hot.. like hot hot.. we live in vegas and we were shocked it was so hot.. hey it was the end of september we were due for some cooler weather but no such luck, thankfully the party was at a little water park and everyone was able to cool off...  

 it never dawned on me that with the heat the candy would melt and get all over but it did.. see ollies face ha ha now what really didn't enter my mind was the creamy middle of the oreo would melt and the cookies would fall off their stick.. which happened to a lot of the kids.. so if your making them and it's on the warmish side outside keep them inside.. trust me.. if you don't you will have one heck of a mess.. but the kids didn't mind at all they picked up their melted messy cookie and shoved them right in their mouth!!

this little precious peanut enjoyed her birthday party!!!

spring oreo cookie pops

what you will need:

1 package golden oreo {regular is fine too}
1 lb. yellow and white candy melts {i mixed them up made some yellow and some white}
gum drops and gummy candies
lollipop sticks

open your oreos and place a white chocolate dipped lollipop stick in each one..

melt your candy coating according to package directions.. dip your entire oreo in the melted candy and let dry on wax paper or foil to harden..

while your oreos are hardening begin to cut up the gum drops and gummy candy.. i just randomly placed them on the cookies and made flowers.. now 2 things you can do, when you cut the gum drops in half the inside part that's been cut is sticky you can stick them right to the cookie.. for some reason, some of the them didn't want to stick so i melted some more candy and with the end of a lollipop stick dapped a little melted candy and then stuck them to the cookie.. i had little tin flower pots so i put foam {the green floral foam} and stuck the cookie sticks in that covered with tissue paper and edible grass and we had them on the picnic tables at the party..the kids LOVED them.. i thought they would pull the candies off and just eat the cookies but nope they eat everything.. heck they would have eaten the stick if they could have..

enjoy and get cook'n!!
happy spring!!!


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