take my word for it wednesday.. jax is 1!!

you might recall back in may 2012, we had a pirate baby shower for my niece jess.. and you might recall me posting the day this beautiful baby boy was born.. and then we celebrated his month old birthday..  well he turned 1 years old this past week.. I can't believe it's been a year since he was born.. below is his "monster" b day party..  jaxy's granpa scoot made the cake above.. how cute is that...

jaxy's tia valerie made this adorable plate..  love..

i am tia tweet and i made the monster looking dipped oreos..  {they call me tweet because well my name is robin.. a bird.. tweet.. get it.. ha pete's brother has called me tweet since before we were married so it's only fitting his grandson call me tia tweet and well pete is teo pete so it's all rhyming and cute he he }

jaxy loving cake..

that face...

{heart} this kid..

love love his curly hair.. i am kinda partial to his mommy too.. 

*heart smile*

shell got a chocolaty kiss..

tia tweet and teo pete got him his own 4 wheeler.. he loved it!! 

2 beauties.. aunt carey and kelley.. 

dean holding jake and sam's niece.. baylie. such a beautiful baby..

kelley, carey and paul.. they live in az now but we hope someday they move to our little town... pete and paul both have worked for the same company for 29 years.. good golly.. {oh and carey was my bff in high school before we became sister in laws..} so it would be nice if they lived here.. *smile* just say'n!

how cute is the little guy.. his name is jackson .. so we have a jaxton and a jackson in the family how cute is that..

shell loves her some jaxy..

this is one of the prettiest babies i have ever seen.. and uncle jake looks pretty cute and happy holding her.. 

speaking of babies.. here are mine.. shell will be 18 tomorrow... *sigh*

auntie jo jo and uncle jake.. {double heart}


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