throwback thursday holiday style! christmas round up!

it's been a crazy last few months!! first shelby announced she was moving to port orchard, wa.. that threw me for a loop.. so we planned it got it all ready and unfortunately it didn't work out.  i was excited for her to have a new adventure but sad she was doing it so far away.. now here new adventure will be in vegas. she is starting barber school in a few months!! yeah shell!! and jake finishes his last law school exam tomorrow for this semester.. *whew* glad that is almost over. he tends to get a bit umm shall we say cranky during final exams.. and then on to my news!!!! i am  so excited.. pete and i bought a little cabin/cottage in the woods!! {sounds kinda fairy tale-ish when said that way ha} it's in a small town called williams, arizona, which is the "gateway" to the grand canyon.. we actually have a view {long distant view albeit but a view } of the grand canyon! it's so cute and i love love love it.. but it does need a lot of work.. it's on over an acre and the previous owners did nothing with the land but use it to store their junk, while they removed 99% of their stuff there still is some stuff we need to remove.. we also would like to have part of  it graded down flat for a bbq pit, cooking fire pit and seating area.. that is of course down the road! what needs to be done now is the inside... they kinda made the house a little crazy inside ha.. i will show pictures tomorrow we've got a looooooooooong way to go and i can't wait! lot's of fun projects in our future!! we've tried to furnish and decorate the house from yard sales, thrift stores, used furniture stores.. etc.. {except the mattresses} and we might have to break down and buy a couch from a furniture store.. we'll see.. pete has been pretty picky about the couch!
with all that going on i've neglected this poor little blog and i am sorry. but i think i am back into the swing of things.. we won't be going to the house in williams for several weeks with all the christmas activities we have coming up so it's my goal to post 4-5 times a week again.. check on tuesdays i will share with you our projects as we complete them..
today for throw back thursday i am sharing my past favorite holiday recipes!!

i make this christmas morning to have while opening presents..
heart shaped cinnamon rolls  

then we go to my mom's house and after presents we have this breakfast and have been doing so for probably 35 years..
christmas morning huevos rancheros

curtis and janet have a christmas eve party every year and janet's mom makes the best cuban pork and black beans..{my recipe here doesn't come close to how amazing her mom's is but mine is pretty darn good}
christmas eve cuban pork and black bean "soup"

yorkshire pudding
{I love yorkshire pudding with either prime rib or leg of lamb it's one of my all time favorite holiday meals!}

garlic crusted prime rib
{love me some prime rib.. rare.. with spicy horseradish!!}

grilled butterflied leg of lamb
{grilled leg of lamb is outstanding!}

hot cocoa!!
{this cocoa is amazing.. add a little alcohol to make it even better here are 7 ways to spike your hot cocoa make it a boozy hot chocolate}

grandmommy's toffee squares
{wouldn't be christmas without these}

grandmommy's christmas snow balls
{i love this cookie}

oreo truffle
{so easy yet so good}

oreo snowmen
{how cute are these guys}

{what else needs to be said..}

sweet n salty crisps
{so easy and so good}

spicy ham 'n swiss sliders

from my family to your
and remember
enjoy and get cook'n!!


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