diy.. herb labels from swap meet spoons..

this was such a fun project pete and i did it this weekend .. the weather was to rainy to go the lake.. we popped in a movie or 2 ohh alright we sat in the garage and watched 4 movies.. we made herb spoons and other projects all day.. i would have to say it was a good day!!

when we were in san diego over memorial day we bought about 20 antique silver spoons..

i ordered from harbor freight a couple steel stamping kits.. i ordered a 1/4 " and and an 1/8 "

we pounded the spoons flat with a hammer and we put the spoons on an anvil..

then stamped the word we wanted in.. i then used a black marker colored in the words then wiped them clean..

they came out kinda crooked and i think that's what it gives it it's charm..

pete didn't understand and still doesn't get why the basil one is wrong.. i said you don't read from the bottom up he said i was crazy. ha ha (yes projects that the two of do together get kinda scary ha ha ) 

i just love how they look in the plant.. ackk looking at this photo my plant needs to be cleaned up .. but this is orange citris mint it's so good!!


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