take my word for it wednesday.. a day at the lake is just what you need..

today isn't a recipe post.. those are rare but they do occur.. i talk about lake mead a lot so i thought i would post some pictures from our last lake adventure.. also if your unfamiliar with lake mead here is a site which will tell you all about it.. Lake Mead Information.. sooooooooooo shell has been begging me to go tubing with her forever and i did once on august 15, 2005 and the tube sunk and it was horrible so i've never done it again.. but this time shell asked and i agreed.. augh no clue why because it wasnt' fun.. i didn't enjoy it.. :/ bottom line i am an old fuddy duddy..

here we are about to start and shell is excited.. me not so much..

ok we are underway.. holy crap it's hard hold on to and it's bumpy and it hot and its wet and its scary.. blah didn't like it.. gawd i am old.. ha

ok fun's over i asked to be let off.. ha i am not crying ... ha ha i am not that much of a wuss..

here is shell after i get off ready to go..

shell loves the lake..

my kids are goofy

but so dang cute!!

after tubing we found a cove it's called "quiet cove" and everyone floated on noodles.. played water frisbee.. ate lunch.. basically relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery..

pete and angelo decided they wanted to go fishing.. see pete there with his fishing pole.. they are floating on pool noodles..

holy crap he caught one..

he had to swim back to the boat backwards pulling his fish..

lo was kind enough to get the hook out of the fish's mouth and show us the fish..

here is pete going to send the little guy on his way..

we weren't prepared for fish that day so he released it..

tina and lo's dog, odie, decided he wanted to paddle board..

then he became our copilot..

we ended our day with a beautiful sunset boat ride..

byee lake mead.. see you next week..


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