take my word for it wednesday.. re-growing celery and green onions can be done..

it's another wednesday and another day when i ask you to take my word it.. i think we are at a good stage in our friendship where you can trust me.. right?? *sweet smile* i won't steer you wrong.. well not intentionally.. today is not a recipe.. it's something actually pretty cool! (do people still say cool anymore? or is it rad.. sick.. phat or bad?? ackk never mind let's just stick with cool) i came across both these ideas from pinterest.. there are everywhere so no real link to reference but take my word for it get on pinterest and you will see this idea posted a lot.. unlike some things i have found on pinterest this really works.. can you believe sometimes people post/pin things that are not accurate or a tad misleading?? shocked ?? yeah me too.. ha ha... it's so simple not sure even words are necessary but since i usually can't "shut up," this according to pete, i will tell you what i did..

on sunday i had cut up my celery to take to the lake and i had a celery base left and so i just popped it into water and put it on my windowsill.. now see that growth that's from sunday.. pretty amazing huh?

i got a pot at big lots and this weekend i will plant it and let you know how it goes but according to the other pinners i should get celery..

i used my scallion tops, and had just the bulbs left so i put them in some water and put them on my windowsill as well.. i changed the water everyday for a week (if you don't it gets a funky smell) and within about 5 days i had all this growth.. how  "cool"  is that..

since this photo i have cut the green parts off and used them several times and they grow back, i have actually replaced the bulb too as it got kinda slimy and weird after a few weeks.. but this weekend like the celery i am going to plant them and see what happens.. i will keep you posted!! ..


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