spicy cajun bbq shrimp linguine w/ chorizo..

before i get to the amazing dinner we had last night!! i wanted to share some photos of the kids.. we got to baby sit ollie and amelia on sunday and we had such a great time!!

poor baby girl was teething..

project we got at lowes to do with ollie..

ollie pounding in the nails.. and yep he hit pete's thumb a few times he he

ollie got real good with the hammer..

amelia loving on her cousin jakey.. she pulled out one of her pony tails.. so darn cute..

a couple of good looking kids!!

ollie watching tangled.. with his peanut butter lips..

how cute are these two girls!!

cooling off with a slice of watermelon.. sunday ended up being 113 outside.. augh!!

now on to that amazing dinner we had last night!!

so i saw this recipe here.. and thought it sounded soooo good.. but i wanted a little more ooompfff.. then i saw this recipe here.. and found the ooompff i was looking for.... chorizo!! i decided to combine the two.. unfortunately we bought the wrong kind of chorizo and i had to wing it and let me tell you it came out sooooooo good.. just enough heat.. the shrimp was amazing.. if you make anything from this site i suggest this!! it was so good!!! now i know i say that a lot  but of the recipes here this one was WOW!!!! so flavorful.. it's making my mouth water just thinking about it!!

spicy cajun bbq shrimp linguine w/ chorizo

prep time: 30 minutes (less if your shrimp are already peeled)
cooking time: 20 minutes
servings: 4


2 lbs. fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined
4 tblsp. heinz chili sauce (it's by the ketchup not the asian chili paste)
2 tblsp. olive oil
1 tblsp. worcestershire sauce
juice and zest of half of a lemon
1 tblsp. fresh chopped parsley (extra for garnish)
1 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. hot-smokey paprika
2 tsp. liquid smoke (hickory)
1 tsp. tobasco
1 tblsp. garlic powder

1 tblsp. tony chachere's cajun seasoning (or more depending on your preference of the spice. i like it)
1 package chorizo (i thought we were buying the kind that was like hard salami but we didn't we got the kind that has to be cooked and it's kinda mushy.. ha)
1 package of linguine

heat oven to 400 degrees (f).... cook linguine according to package directions.. in a small saute pan over medium low heat cook chorizo.. peel and devien your shrimp.. add all other ingredients except tony chachere's cajun seasoning, chorizo and linguine in a bowl and whisk.. then add shrimp to bowl and toss to coat.. now you can marinade it for 4-8 hours if you have time,  unfortunately i didn't.. i took a baking sheet and lined it with foil and dumped the  shrimp on it and spread them out evenly so none of them were piled on each other..  then sprinkle your cajun seasoning all over the shrimp.. then i put in a pre heated 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.. once they were done i removed them from oven.. to assemble i put my drained pasta down on my plate topped with a spoonful of chorizo then added a big spoonful of shrimp and any extra sauce from the baking sheet.. sprinkle of parsley and chives.. viola!! now the only thing i would do differently is make more of the "bbq - cajun" sauce i used on the shrimp i would have heated it up separately so it would have made my pasta a little more saucy.. other than that this was amazing.. a little heat but the flavor combination was spot on!! if you like it hotter add more cayenne or tobasco or like pete did he added extra tobasco to his own plate.. :)


  1. So much cuteness and yumminess in one place!!! Thanks for sharing these on Manic Monday Robin I look forward to your posts every Monday :)


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