bbq chicken sandwiches with crunchy broccoli slaw..

i used my crock pot yesterday.. i have mentioned a time or two i don't like food cooked in a crock pot and when this meal was done i actually apologized to shell that i was sorry it wasn't very good.. she looked at me like i had horns sprouting out of my head and said are you kidding me it's delicious.. i said are you sure it's kinda stringy and squishy, she laughed and said it tastes great.. you're crazy.. so i apparently can't be the judge when it comes to food cooked in a crock pot.. i am always going to think it's icky, it's a weird texture thing.. but thankfully my family isn't as crazy as me.. i had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.. but the reason i chose to use my crock pot was, i am not sure if i have mentioned before but i work for an attorney.. and yesterday was the last day of a 15 day trial and i wasn't sure if i would have to stay late or how my day would go.. so when i got up that morning i decided the crock pot was the way to go.. so i cut up an onion, put it in the bottom of the crock put, put in a bag of frozen chicken tenders, covered the chicken with my bbq rub and put in a 1/2 cup of chicken broth.. set on low and when pete got home 7 hours later he removed the chicken shredded it and dumped out the chicken broth onion mixture.. put it back in the crock pot added 2 cups of bbq sauce and set it to warm until i got home about 2 hours later..dinner was ready and on the table within 20 minutes of me being home.. i whipped up some cole slaw and that's all she wrote..i had planned on making baked beans and corn on the cob but it was hot and sticky outside and i wasn't in the mood..ha.. so i didn't.. and no one complained which made me happy!! I think these would be perfect the long weekend coming up.. start your crock pot in the morning before you leave for whatever fun things you have planned, and when you get home viola dinner.. no muss, no fuss.. (for those reasons alone i do like the crock pot.. just wish i would eat what i make.. ha ha) we're going to the lake.. SHOCKER.. i know.. but it's actually our last big weekend.. then it's time to get the trailer ready for camping.. next trip is camping on the beach in October.. i can't wait.. as much as i love the lake i love camping just as much..

slow cooked bbq chicken sandwiches

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 8 hours
servings: 4


12 boneless/skinless chicken tenders
1 onion sliced
1/2 cup chicken broth
bbq rub (recipe below)
2 cups bbq sauce (we used sweet baby rays) and extra if you like more when you make your sandwich
cole slaw (i made broccoli slaw)
sliced onion

slice onions and lay on the bottom of your crock pot.. put in your chicken tenders.. pour in your chicken broth.. then generously sprinkle your bbq spice rub.. set on low and check after about 6 or so hours.. mine was ready to shred.. remove chicken to a bowl and with 2 forks shred, dump out the juice and onions in the crock pot.. put back the shredded chicken in the now empty crock pot, then add bbq sauce and stir to combine.. turn crock pot to low or warm for another 2 hours.. serve on warmed squishy buns.. i added broccoli cole slaw, sliced onions and pickle slices..

bbq spice rub:

1/4 cup of  chili powder
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tblsp. cumin
1 tblsp. onion powder
2 tblsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. cayenne(or more for more kick)
1 tblsp. smokey paprika
2 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. salt

mix all together and keep in an air tight container.. i make up batch once a month and use it in all kinds of dishes..

broccoli cole slaw:

1 bag of pre shredded broccoli cole slaw

1/2 cup light mayo 
1/2 cup low fat plain greek yogurt
5 tblsp. of white wine vinegar
2 tblsp. of sugar I use splenda
1 tblsp. celery seed

combine the ingredients for the dressing in small mixing bowl then in a medium to large mixing bowl combine the slaw mix with the dressing and toss to incorporate well.. keep in the fridge until ready to serve..


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