eggle bagel..

for many years now when we go camping the kids always ask for eggle bagels.. i believe my brother in law, jimmy, coined the phrase and created the dish.. we used to make them on the thick, doughy, chewy yummy bagels.. but now that we are trying to watch the intake of carbs and calories we now use the bagel "thins" and while they might not be as big they still are great.. on this busy sunday morning i made a few different kinds but only got pictures of one, basically because we were hungry.. this one is a "fried" egg, slice of cheddar cheese and peppered bacon.. the other one i made was so yummy it was a "fried" egg, pepperoni and provolone!! (that's the italian influence.. i had never heard of pepperoni and eggs.. pete however grew up on it...)

when the kids were younger they would joke they looked like crabs..  

they make a great on the go breakfast, perfect for back to school or while camping!!

eggle bagel

prep time: 2 minutes
cooking time: 10-15 minutes (depending on your choice of meat, bacon can take a few minutes)
servings: 1


1 bagel split and toasted *we used the bagel thins this time*(any flavor will do, i think the sweet ones might be funky but you never know..mickey d's does it)
2 eggs
1 slice of cheddar cheese (any cheese will do i love pepperjack)
2 slices of bacon (we used peppered bacon) or any type of meat will do, i've used lunch meat, ham, turkey, pepperoni, salami or a sausage patty

cook your bacon to your desired level of doneness.. i like mine more chewy, while shelby likes her cripsy.. then also toast your bagel to your desired crispness ( i double toast mine)... once your bagel is done add a slice of  cheese to the top so it can start to get soft.. while your bagel is toasting make your eggs i take a small non stick skillet and heat over medium heat.. add a shot of cooking spray like pam.. crack your 2 eggs in the pan .. i then take a fork and break the yolk (i only do this for this sandwich because i want the yolk to set up.. a runny egg dripping down your arm is not what you want while camping or rushing to school) i then cover it with a small lid and cook for about a minute.. i then flip the egg and cook about 30-45 more seconds.. remove egg and add to the bottom bagel.. then top with your bacon or whatever meat your using.. (when i made the pepperoni one i just put the pepperoni in with eggs after i flipped the egg and let the meat heat up that way) then top with the top of the bagel that has the softened cheese.. and viola easy peasy lemon squeezie super duper easy breakfast on the go!!!

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