garlicky fry sauce

this fry sauce is amazing.. it's garlicky, it's creamy, it's everything a fry sauce should be.. several of you may be thinking what is fry sauce?? in my small town of boulder city it's offered from 4 different restaurants here.. it's quite popular in bc but to be honest i have not seen it on to many menus in vegas..

i have a funny story about fry sauce.. last year, before i perfected making fry sauce, i bought some from walmart.. and when the clerk was checking me out she was dumbfounded by this product..

clerk:  what in the world is this?
me: it's fry sauce
clerk: what do you do with it?
me: umm you dip your fries in it or put it on your burger..
clerk: what's in fry sauce
me: well it's a combination of spices but usually always starts out with a base of mayo and ketchup
clerk: what else could you put it on?
me: umm, *looking around to see if i am being punked*, probably other type of sandwiches.. i suppose... but i usually just like it on my fries and burgers..
clerk: think it would be good on vegetables?
me: no, i don't think so..
clerk: what about steak or chicken?
me: i supposed so..
(she then went on to ask me if it would be on about 20 different things.. the conversation lasted the entire time she checked me out..)
clerk: well i don't like ketchup so i am sure i would hate this too
me: probably.. *whew that conversation ended* i was not about to tell her i didn't like  ketchup either..

garlicky fry sauce

prep time: 3 minutes
cooking time: -0-


1 cup mayo
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4-1/2 cup buttermilk (depending on how runny you want it, start with the 1/4 of a cup add more if to thick)
1 tbls. garlic powder
1 tsp. smokey hot paprika
2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper

whisk everything together.. cover and put in fridge for about an hour before use.. best results let it sit over night!! it's great on fries like above or burgers like this one here.. (i don't think it would be good on veggies ha ha but a grilled slightly rare london broil or prime rib dipped in it might not be to bad.. seeing as how i always like to dip them in 1000 island dressing anyway..)


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