take my word for it wednesday.. julia childs rocked.. in honor of her b day today... i give you braised onions..

today is julia child's birthday.. she would have been 100!! she is such an iconic chef.. you don't have to be a food blogger, foodie or even cook to appreciate and love julia childs.. one of my favorite movies is julie and julia.. love love it.. the moment the movie was over i did two things.. started it from the beginning again and watched it a second time and i got on line and ordered her cook book from amazon.. this recipe was one of the first recipes i tried from the cook book.. oommgg.. if you like onions these amazing.. she served them with her famous beef bourguignon.. which i didn't attempt to make but the onions i did serve with a brisket that was amazing.. i could eat these little babies all day long..

braised onions

prep time: 5 minutes
cooking time: 40-50 minutes
servings: 4


1 pound frozen pearl onions, thawed and drained
2 tblsp. butter (plus 1/2 tblsp)
1/2 cup unsalted beef stock
salt and pepper

heat 2 tblsp. butter in a large skillet over medium heat.. add onions an saute until lightly browned.. add beef stock, salt and pepper.. cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes or until tender.. uncover and "boil" off any excess liquid and add a 1/2 tblsp. of butter and cook another 10-15 minutes.. season with more salt and pepper if needed.. serve immediately..



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