yard sale finds.. bottle love..

my newest obsession is yard sales.. and old bottles.. not sure why but every yard sale i go to and if they have old bottles or jars i buy them.. we are re doing our front entry way.. we ripped everything out and poured concrete and built a pony wall it's like an extra room on the house i just love it.. (pictures of it and the farm table pete built last weekend will be posted hopefully tomorrow if not monday!!) so we decided we were going to decorate it in antiques or unique finds.. so we've been hitting all the yard sales in our small town every weekend.. and below is a very small sample of the fun stuff we've been getting..

that back there is some hanging thing.. i am going to put a candle in the mason jar and have it on our table out front..

this cool little bottle says sloans liniment.. some type of medicine bottle.. i love it..

this little guy is an old vaseline jar.. how cute is that..

i love this.. it's an old fashion coffee grinder..

i was so happy to get it.. i paid 2 bucks!!

so here are a few of my yard sale purchases that i am loving.. he he


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